Fun & Funky

The extension of the classic and casual collection with new, crazy patterns. In this collection, we offer a much greater possibility of coloring and virtually unlimited possibilities when it comes to design. The collection is ideal for young people, fashion brands, and foreign clients.

Classic & Casual

Classic collection, made primarily of 25 Tex cotton. Available in classic and casual colors. The basic offer for each client. We offer products fully packaged, however also products intended for finishing by the customer. Material composition: 75% cotton, 23% polyamide, 2% elastane.​​​​​​​ 


Our products speak for us.

Sport & Fitness

Manufactured from a variety of cotton: ThermoCool, (protects feet from chilling and at the same time protect them from overheating), CoolMax (mechanism for shifting moisture to the outer layers of the fabric, from where it can evaporate very quickly). Depending on the model, socks may have reinforcements on heels and toes, additional two cuffs in the foot and ankles through which stabilize the socks on the leg.  

Siuts & Luxury

Made of cotton in a thickness of 20 tex or high-quality mercerized cotton, which thanks to the special mercerisation process is more flexible and durable in comparison with other cotton used on the market. It is characterized by a delicate gloss which proves its noble properties - intended for demanding customers. Perfect product for suits. 

Health & Comfort

Our socks have a flat ROSSO seam and non-compressive welts-ensuring comfort during use. We manufacture bamboo fiber socks with aloe with zinc, silicone and all commercially available special appurtenances. Collection for those seeking special health solutions and for those who prefer wearing comfort than design. 

Sneakers & Knee High

In the majority of our collections, we have a full range of products. From the increasingly popular ballerinas by footers, bibs, classic socks, knee socks to knee-high socks. Thanks to that, we have a full offer for the client of all ages and with a very different needs. Sneakers and Knee High are favorite models of youth. 

Sensual & Sensitive

Collection for women. We find here cotton socks 8 and 12 Tex. Delicate models with lace, socks made of bamboo or pine fiber. The collection also includes products from Lurex, very fashionable recently, especially in the fashion & luxury industry. 

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